Why Lay Flat Hoses?

Flexible lay flat hoses offer many advantages over more inflexible types of hoses or pipes, for example in terms of transport and storage volumes, handling and usage.

Mandals AS offers nitrile rubber extruded hoses up to 6 inches diameter (152 mm) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) extruded hoses up to 12 inches diameter (305 mm). The Extrusion through the weave method gives a very strong bond between the inner reinforcement and the TPU or rubber cover. Generally, nitrile rubber has an abrasion resistance approx. 3 times better than PVC, and TPU has an abrasion resistance 4-5 times better than nitrile rubber. Mandals also manufactures uncovered textile hoses. See more details under Products, or in the left hand product category menu where our hoses are grouped by area of utilization.

Product development and product quality is strongly focused at Mandals, as proven by our ISO 9001 certification. See Technical for product specifications for each hose and information about pressure drop and chemical resistance.

Note that we can also produce especially made lay flat hoses to meet your specific requirements, feel free to contact us for an offer or further information.


Extrusion-through-the-weave Lay Flat Hoses from Mandals AS


There are broadly speaking two types of hoses:

The vast majority are those with braided or spun reinforcement, like hydraulic and garden hoses. The amount of reinforcement decides the burst pressure. This is why people equal thickness of hose wall with strength. Tensile strength or end pull is limited, and when such a hose is pulled hard, the braiding will cut into the stretched hose and the hose delaminates.

The second type of hose  – which is the type manufactured by Mandals AS – is made with a woven reinforcement. This gives a hose with reinforcement similar to a circular woven hoisting sling. Since the reinforcement is woven, it interlocks, thus achieving very high burst pressure and tensile strength (end pull) ratings. Typically an identical pressure rating with woven jacket requires 1/5 of the wall thickness compared with braided reinforcement.

Mandals has always been pioneer in the development of the lay flat hose, see specific product details here.

Mandals offers rubber- or polyurethane-extruded hoses for most areas of utilization. The wide range of lay flat hose products includes, but is not limited to: