Chemical resistance

Erecommended; little or no effect on hose compound, suitable for continuous service

Grecommended; minor effect on hose compound, may be suitable for continuous service, suitable for intermittent service

Cconditional or questionable; moderate to severe effect on hose compound, may be suitable for limited applications

Xnot recommended

Ino data available

EPDM Nitrile Urethan
acetaldehyde 50% G X X
acetic acid. Glacial G C X
acetic acid 30% G G X
acetic anhydride C C X
acetone G X X
acetyl chloride X X X
acetylene G E X
adipic acid G E I
aluminum acetate G G X
aluminum chloride G E C
aluminum fluoride G E C
aluminum hydoxide I I I
aluminum nitrate G E C
aluminum sulfate G E X
ammonia anhydrous Use anhydrous ammonia hose only
ammonia gas (cold) G E C
ammonia gas (hot) C X X
ammonium carbonate G X X
ammonium chloride G E E
ammonium hydroxide G G X
ammonium nitrate G E X
ammonium nitrite G E I
ammonium phosphate G E I
ammonium sulfate G E E
amly acetate X X X
amyl alcohol G G X
aniline G X X
aniline dyes G X X
aniline hydrochloride C G X
animal fats C E E
arsenic acid G E C
arsenic trichloride X E I
asphalt I G G
barium chloride G E E
barium sulfate G E E
barium sulfide G E E
beer G E G
benzene X X X
benzoic acid X C I
benzyl alcohol G X X
benzyl benzoate C X I
benzyl chloride X X X
boric acid G E E
brine G E G
bromine-anhydrous X X X
bromine trifluoride X X X
bromine water G X X
bromotoluene X X I
bunker oil X E G
butadiene X X X
butane X E E
butter G E E
butyl acetate X X X
butyl alcohol C E X
butyl aldehyde C X I
butyl amine G C X
butyl benzoate C X I
butyl cellosolve G C X
butyl stearate X G I

EPDM Nitrile Urethan
calcium acetate G G X
calcium bisulfite X X E
calcium carbonate E E I
calcium chloride G E E
calcium hydroxide G E E
calcium hypochlorite G G X
calcium nitrate G E E
calcium sulfide G E E
carbitol C G X
carbolic acid (phenol) C X C
carbon bisulfite X C I
carbon dioxide C E E
carbonic acid G G E
carbon monoxide G E E
carbon tetrachloride X C X
carbon tetrafluoride I I E
castor oil C E E
caustic soda
(sodium hydroxide) G G C
cellosolve C X I
cellosolve acetate C X X
chlorine (dry) X X X
chlorine (wet) X X X
chlorine dioxide X X X
chloroacetone G X X
chloroacetic acid G X X
chlorobenzene X X X
chlorobutadiene X X X
chloroform X X X
chlorotoluenen X X X
chrome plating solutions C X I
chromic acid G X X
citric acid G E G
cobalt G E I
coconut oil X E G
cod liver oil G E E
coke oven gas X X X
copper acetate G G X
copper chloride G E E
copper cyanide G E E
copper sulfate G E E
corn oil X E E
cottonseed oil C E E
creosote (coal tar) X E X
cresol X X X
cresylic acid X X X
cumene X X I
cyclohexane X E G
cyclohexanol X C I
cyclohexanone G X X
p-cymene X X I
decalin X X I
denatured alcohol G E X
detergent solution G E C
diacetone alcohol G X X
dibenzyl ether C X G
dibutyl amine G X X
dibutyl ether X X G
dibutyl phthalate C X C
dibutyl sebecate C X X
dichlorobezene X X X
dichloroethylene X X X
dichloro-isopropyl ether X X G
diesel oil X E C
diethylamine G G C
diethylamine bezene X X X
diethyl ether X X G
diethylene glycol G E X
diethyl sebecate C G I
diisobutylene G G I
diisopropyl bezene X X I
diisopropyl ketone G X X
dimethyl formamide G G I
dimethyl phthalate G X I
dinitrotoluene X X I
dioctyl phthalate C C I
dioctyl sebecate C X I
dipentene X G I
diphenyl – (phenylbezene) X X I
dowtherm oil X X C
dry cleaning fluids X C X

EPDM Nitrile Urethan
ethane X E C
ethanolamine G G C
ethyl acetate G X X
ethyl acetoacetate G X X
ethyl alcohol (ethanol) G E X
ethyl benzene X X X
ethyl benzoate G X X
ethyl cellulose C G G
ethyl chloride X E C
ethyl ether X C C
ethyl formate C X I
ethyl pentochloro-benzene X X C
ethyl silicate G E I
ethylene C E I
ethylene chloride X X X
ethylene chlorohydrin C X X
ethylene diamine G E X
ethylene dichloride X X X
ethylene glycol G E C
ethylene tricholoride X X X
fatty acids X G E
ferric chloride G E E
ferric nitrate G E E
ferric sulfate G E E
fish oil X E I
fluoroboric acid G E I
fluorobenzene X X I
fluorolube G E I
flurosilicic acid C E I
formaldehyde G C X
formic acid G G X
freon, all types Use freon hoses only
fuel oil X E G
furfural G X C

EPDM Nitrile Urethan
gallic acid G G X
gasoline X E G
gelatin G E C
glucose G E C
glycerine G E E
glycols G E C
green sulfate liquor G G E
hexane X E G
hexyl alcohol X E X
hydraulic oil (petroleum) X E E
hydrobromic acid G X X
hydrochloric acid 37% G C X
hydrocyanic acid G G I
hydrocyanic acid-(conc.)
hydrofluosilic acid C E I
hydrogen gas G E E
hydrogen peroxide 10% I I I
hydrogen peroxide >10% I I I
iodine X X I
isobutyl alcohol G G X
isooctane X E G
isopropyl acetate C X X
isopropyl alcohol G G C
isopropyl chloride X X X
isopropyl ether X G G
kerosene X E G
lacquer solvents X X X
lactic acid (cold) G E I
lard C E E
lavender oil X G X
lead acetate G G X
lead nitrate G E I
lead sulfamate G G I
linseed oil X E G
liquefied petroleum gas X E E
lubricating oils –
lye G G X
lye solutions E I I
magnesium chloride G E E
magnesium hydroxide G G X
magnesium sulfate G E E
maleic acid G X I
maleic anhydride C X I
malic acid G E I
merculy G E G
mesityl oxide C X X
methane X E C
methyl acetate G X X
methyl alcohol (methanol) G E X
methyl bromide X X X
methyl butyl ketone
(propyl acetone) G X X
methyl cellosolve C G X
methyl chloride X X X
methyl ethyl ketone – (mek) C X X
methyl isobutyl ketone C X X
methyl oleate C X I
methylene bromide X X I
methylene chloride X X I
milk G E X
mineral oil X E E
monochlorobenzene X X X
monoethanolamine G X I
monomethylether X E I
monovinyl acetylene G E I

EPDM Nitrile Urethan
naphtha X G C
naphthalene X X G
napthenic acid X G I
natural gas X E G
nickel acetate G G X
nickel chloride G E C
nickel sulfate G E C
nitric acid-conc. G X X
nitric acid-dilute G X C
nitrobenzene G X X
nitroethane C X X
nitromethane C X I
nitrogen G E E
nitrous oxide I E I
octachlorotoluene X X X
octyl alcohol X G X
oleic acid X C G
oleum G G C
olive oil C E E
o-dichlorobenzene X X I
oxalic acid G G I
oxygen G G E
ozone G X E
palmitic acid C E E
peanut oil X E G
perchloric acid C X X
perchloroethylene X G X
petroleum X E G
phenol (carbolic acid) G X C
phenylbezene X X I
phenyl hydrazine C X I
phorone X X I
phosphoric acid-20% G G E
phosphoric acid-80% G X I
phosphoric thrichloride G X I
picric acid G G G
pine oil X E I
polyvinyl acetate
potassium acetate G G X
potassium chloride G E E
potassium cupro cyanide E E E
potassium cyanide G E E
potassium dichromate G E G
potassium hydroxide G G X
potassium nitrate G E E
potassium sulfate G E E
propane X E C
propyl acetate C X I
propyl alcohol (propanol) G E X
propyl nitrate G X I
propylene X X X
pyranol (transformer oil) X X G
pyridine G X G

EPDM Nitrile Urethan
salammoniac G E E
salicylic acid G G I
salt water G E E
sewage G E X
silicone greases G E E
silicone oils G E E
silver nitrate G G E
skydrol 500 & 7000 G X X
soap solutions G E C
soap ash G E E
sodium acetate G G X
sodium bicarbonate G E E
sodium bisulfite G E E
sodium borate G E E
sodium chloride (brine) G E E
sodium cyanide G E E
sodium hydroxide G G X
sodium hypochlorite C G X
sodium metaphosphate G E I
sodium nitrate G G E
sodium perborate G G I
sodium peroxide G G X
sodium phosphate G E E
sodium silicate G E E
sodium sulfate G E E
sodium thiosulfate G G E
soybean oil X E G
stannic chloride G E I
stearic acid G G E
styrene X X C
sucrose solution G E X
sulfur G X I
sulfur chloride X C I
sulfur dioxide-dry E X I
sulfur dioxide-liquid G X I
sulfur dioxide-wet E X I
sulfuric trioxide C X I
sulfuric acid 10% G C C
sulfuric acid 10-75% G X X
sulfurous acid G G X
tannic acid G E E
tar bituminous X G I
tartaric acid C E E
terpioneol X G G
tertiary butyl alcohol C G X
tetrachloroethylene X X X
tetraethyl lead X G I
totulene X X X
toluol X X I
transformer oil X E E
transmission fluid A X E E
trichloroethane X X X
trichloroacetic acid C G I
trichloroethylene X X X
tricresyl phosphate X X C
triethanol amine G G X
trinitrotoluene X X I
turbine oil X G E
turpentine X E X
vegetable oils X E G
vinegar G G X
vinyl chloride X X X
water G E G
whiskey, wine G E G
white oil X E E
wood oil X E C
xylene X X X
zinc chloride G E E
zinc sulfate G E I