Mandals Mineman is made from extruded thermoplastic polyether based polyurethane (TPU) with excellent wear & tear properties. The reinforcement is made from circular woven filament polyester yarn. The “extrusion through the weave” production method gives a very strong bonding between cover and lining as well as firmly encapsulating the woven polyester.

The hose has high resistance against commonly used chemicals and has excellent resistance to UV radiation, hydrolysis and fungus degradation. The abrasion resistance of the TPU is one of the highest available, making the hose ideal for use in the extremely abrasive environment in open pit mines. The outer cover has been designed with extra thickness in order to add wear & tear material. This extends the useful lifespan of the hose.

The circular woven filament polyester reinforcement ensures very high tensile strength and facilitates easy towing with tractors without risk of damage. The interlocking weave prevents the hose from lengthwise extension when pulled or pressurized. This avoids delamination of cover or lining from the woven reinforcement and minimizes “snaking” and twisting.

Mandals Mineman can operate in a temperature range from -50°C to +75°C and can withstand intermittent use up to +80°C.

Standard lengths up to 200 meters.

Technical Data

Maximum recommended Working Pressure: 50% of the listed values – for temporary use.
* Total theorethical longitudinal strength.
Inner Diameter Wall Thickness Weight Burst Pressure Tensile Strength *
inch mm inch mm lbs/ft kg/m psi bar x1000 lbs tons
6 152,0 +3,0 0,15 3,9 1,40 2,10 465 32 32,8 14,9
8 203,0 +3,0 0,17 4,2 2,07 3,10 610 42 81,5 37,0