Formtex Ultra

Mandals Formtex Ultra meets the demand for extra light and easy-to-handle hoses used in hose reel cabinets. The weight is only 1/3 of conventional rigid rubber/pvc hoses used for this application. The polyester outer cover ensures that friction to floor or other surfaces is kept at a minimum. The circular woven design combines high pressure rating and strength with very easy handling. The lining is made from EPDM rubber with good chemical and ozone resistance.

The range of Formtex Ultra hoses can be delivered in continuous lengths up to 600 meter.

Mandals Formtex Ultra is approved according to EN 694.

Technical Data

Maximum advised Working Pressure is 50% of the listed values.
Inner Diameter Wall Thickness Weight Burst Pressure Bending Diameter
inch mm mm kg/m bar mm
3/4 19,0 +1,6 2,5 0,14 160 110
1 25,0 +1,6 2,5 0,16 130 120