Dragman Premium

Mandals Dragman Premium is designed for especially tough use with umbilical drag systems for distribution of slurry and manure in small agricultural fields where the hose is exposed to many bends. Hoses are connected between slurry reservoirs (lagoons) and tow tractors. Between the lagoon and the edge of the field transfer hoses are used (Mandals Flexitex / Mandals Superman HVT), but the one or two lengths behind the tow tractor are dragged in the field and put under continuous severe stress. Mandals Dragman Premium is designed with this extreme tensile stress and abrasion in mind. The TPU cover has abrasion resistance 4 – 5 times that of commonly used rubber. The tensile strength has been substansially increased to withstand the pull forces.

Standard lengths up to 200 meters. Longer lengths on request for diameters lower than 6 inches.

NOTE:  Never tow one part of the hose across another!

Technical Data

Maximum recommended Working Pressure is  50% of the listed values.
* Total theorethical longitudinal strength.
Inner Diameter Wall Thickness Weight Burst Pressure Tensile Strength *
inch mm inch mm lbs/ft kg/m psi bar x1000 lbs tons
4 102,0 +2,5 0,17 4,3 1,07 1,60 510 35 35,0  15,9
4 1/2 114,0 +2,5 0,17 4,3 1,11 1,65 510 35 35,0 15,9
5 127,0 +2,5 0,17 4,3 1,16 1,88 465 32 38,9 17,7