Hydraulic fracturing operations

For frac operations Mandals AS recommends lay-flat hoses that are extruded through the weave with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). Many such operations take place in rough terrain and to avoid damage and leaks TPU is clearly preferable due to the 4-5 higher abrasion resistance than rubber, and well as a significantly higher puncture resistance.
Mandals dates back to 1775, and the company has manufactured extruded through the weave hoses for ca. 65 years, using TPU for the last 30 years. Our extended experience enables us to make a world-class product which is sold worldwide.
The polyester yarn weave constitutes the crucial reinforcement of the hose and determines many of the hose properties. Mandals AS has made circular weaving looms for more than 80 years has solid expertise also in this area.
The weave is centered in the TPU material and our curing process gives the hose a memory effect that ensures your coupling will fit also if for some reason it needs to be changed.
During the many manufacturing steps we perform a set of tests and checks as specified in our demanding quality control program, to be sure that you will always receive a world-class product.
Our best hose for frac operations is the Mandals Superman in 8, 10 and 12 inch diameter. These hoses were developed years before the frac market “took off” and thus have proven their quality over time already, and are now used in large volumes for frac operations.
There are many advantages in using Mandals Superman rather than rigid pipes. Among them are space for transport and storage, ease of lay out and retrieval, less need for manpower and benefits in HSE issues.
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Superman HVT

Mandals Superman High Volume Transfer (HVT) hose is developed for higher than normal working pressures for transfer of large volumes of liquid while at the same time being lightweight and easy to deploy.


Mandals Ultraman is an extremely hardwearing, multi purpose industrial hose for use in abrasive environments.