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Fixation of polyurethane hoses

Mandals AS has a wide range of lay flat hose products including Рbut not limited to Рirrigation hoses, drinking water and well hoses, dewatering hoses, slurry drag hoses, heavy duty transfer hoses, compressed air hoses (Mantex) and of course fire hoses. Product development is highlighted at Mandals, focusing mainly on the area of large dimension heavy-duty polyurethane hoses. The well known MANTEX compressed air hose is an example of our high quality lay flat hose with very high pressure ratings. Another example is the Mandals Mortar, our concrete placement hose with 2500 psi/172 bar burst pressure, designed to meet the very strict ASME requirements.

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Mandals Technology AS, our sister company, offers three world class models of circular weaving looms. See www.mandals-t.com for further information.